Queerantina Part 2!

Wizzy for Queerantina by Suzanne Forbes May 15 2020The gorgeous Wizzy.

Second round of drawings from Queerantina, an online drag show featuring the performers of our city’s refugee and asylum-seeker drag houses, like Queerberg, Queer Syria, Queens Against Borders, and House of Royals.

WIZZY for Queerantina May 19 2020 by Suzanne ForbesOmg Wizzy! They are so good-looking I drew them twice! Top, Wizzy performing, and above, in curtain-call casual!

Prenz Emrah for Queerantina May 19 2020 by Suzanne ForbesFabulous bellydancer Prenz Emrah danced with fire on their balcony.

I am the most serious fan of Prenz Emrah of House of Royals. They are doing so many cool activities during this time, like bellydance workshops and makeup workshops for young queers. You can check out their insta for performance videos and events! Help Queerberg Soil-Party keep going! You can support the House here.

Julie Dancer for Queerantina May 19 2020 by Suzanne ForbesJulie Dancer is marvelous!

Love to see her go, she is ethereal.

It’s so important to support Berlin’s queer and trans performers who are refugees and asylum-seekers. They get virtually no money from the government, may live in housing where they can’t reveal their true gender, and are dependent on income from performing, which is on hold for now.

We need these glorious folx to flourish! Watch this Don’t Rush challenge to see how much creativity, skill and life these Drag Houses bring to Berlin. Drawings from the previous show here.

I am so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting Berlin’s queer, intersectional drag performers while I work safely at home.


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