Saturday night at the KitKatClub.

Dancers by the stripper pole at the KitKatClub by Suzanne Forbes April 29 2018Always lots of sexy people at the KitKatClub!

This gorgeous ponygirl was dancing in her own world, perfectly happy.

Alex Dermatis at KitKat by Suzanne Forbes April 6 2018Alex Dermatis of 6mmjute was doing his usual suspension art with a lovely, friendly model.

We had a quick chat before he covered her in oil and gold glitter like a statue of a goddess.

Coat check at the KitKatClub by Suzanne Forbes April 29 2018Coat check can be a wait by 4am.

I passed the time drawing some of the lovely coat check staff. Other drawings from KitKat here and here 🙂

6 thoughts on “Saturday night at the KitKatClub.

  1. Puck

    Hejhej! I’m the pony girl (it was meant to be a rabbit but ponies are awesome, too!). Is it OK when I repost your drawing on my insta ? Which account can I link to?
    The drawing is so beautiful, I feel very honored I caught your eye! Thank you.

    1. Suzanne Forbes Post author

      Of course, you can repost it anywhere you like!! My drawings are licensed Creative Commons, which means as long as you credit me as the artist you can post them anywhere and use them for anything you like :))

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