February 2018 unterwegs, bonus round – video buds and listen to your elders!

Video game buds on the U1 by Suzanne Forbes Feb 25 2018These two little dudes, with their matching undercuts, were very excited about a game.

It was the hour of the day when the subways are full of kids taking the train home from school, as I used to do myself.

Advice giving on the U Bahn by Suzanne Forbes Feb 23 2018Now pay attention!

It was not at all clear that the two younger women knew the senior lady who was informing them of something very important. But they were listening seriously nonetheless.

Crowded Berlin bus by Suzanne Forbes Feb 23 2018Crowded bus standup drawing.

I made this in a seriously crowded bus, surrounded by all different people of Berlin, filled with gratitude for this place. As you can see the guy right next to me had his headphones on and paid me no attention at all.

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