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Another collaboration with my eternal muse, Sadie Lune!

Sadie Lune as the Lamp of Spring by Suzanne Forbes Feb 15 2022I always get excited about making a picture of Sadie Lune.

We have worked together so long and so fruitfully that I know our synergy can transcend the limitations of zoom. I know whatever I’m thinking about, Sadie will get it and bring it home! I had an idea for this session, because I have been drawn to a lot of fantasy tv lately.

Even though fantasy as a genre is a huge part of my history – my father read The Hobbit and LOTR to me as a child, just for starters – I identify as a Science Fiction person, not a Fantasy person. I read and watch primarily SF, and have since I discovered Larry Niven as a young teen.

Sadie Lune as the Lamp of Spring by Suzanne Forbes Feb 15 2022 detailHowever, recently I’ve been more obsessed with costume design and textiles than ever!

Casual Elf Sadie Lune in Berlin Feb 15 2022

Casual Elf Sadie Lune selfie in Berlin, Feb 15 2022

I have watched a lot of fantasy shows and movies that turned out to have pretty wonderful femme characters. There’s Wheel of Time, The Witcher, Cursed, and more.

I wanted to draw Sadie as a fantasy priestess, and she absolutely nailed the look! Her makeup and hair and outfit and props were amazing.

As we have passed through Imbolg (see next post for my big Imbolg project!) the weather and light have really changed, and Spring is coming.

I am more interested in transparent media and soft tools than I have ever been, and I use my watercolor brush pens more, as I did in this piece.

Luminous greens will be everywhere soon, and Sadie is the harbinger here.

My previous portrait of Sadie, on a very cold Fall day. You can learn about Sadie’s work on her (NSFW) website. And here’s her Insta, and her twitter . My flickr gallery of drawings and paintings of Sadie is here!

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue making art as a vaccinated but Covid-vulnerable disabled person.

With your support, I can work from home or safely outside and keep telling the stories of Berlin.