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The Full Moon Cabaret goes online for The Egg Moon!

Coco Ono for Full Moon Cabaret Egg Moon April 9 2020 by Suzanne ForbesSuch a wonderful show!

This show always brings magic surprises. I have always been pleasantly shocked by at least one moment in every Full Moon Cabaret show, and this online celebration did not disappoint. Above, amazing Coco Ono‘s performance came all the way from California.

Viva Lamore for Full Moon Cabaret Egg Moon April 9 2020 by Suzanne ForbesHostess Viva Lamore, looking spectacular!

As charming and vibrant as ever, live from what looked like a room well-stocked with books!

Fifi Fantome for Full Moon Cabaret Egg Moon April 9 2020 by Suzanne ForbesFifi Fantôme of the Velvet Creepers makes more inventive use of her immediate environment than you can possibly imagine.

You can check out her Patreon for performance tips, art and treats! She wears a spectacular outfit of latex from Berlin local designer Lupae Latex.

Dunja von K for Full Moon Cabaret Egg Moon April 9 2020 by Suzanne ForbesDelighted to see fave muse and Fifi’s fellow Creeper Dunja von K!

She performed a Weimar inspired Quarantroplis, rich with light and shadow. Another performer making such ingenious use of what’s available to them at home.

Dunja von K for Full Moon Cabaret Egg Moon April 9 2020 by Suzanne ForbesDunja is teaching her famous hula hoop classes online!

You can get moving with her here. Did you know she holds Guinness World Records for hooping?

There were several other wonderful acts, including the beautiful Mlle Vicky Butterfly from the UK, the act that shocked me (too shocking to reveal here!) and a finale of my very favorite Full Moon Cabaret act EVER, which I will not reveal because you gotta see it. Check out the Full Moon feed and get on the mailing list for a chance to view the show yourself and donate to support the performers!

Seeing these marvelous performers do so much with what’s at hand was exhilarating.

I am so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting queer performers while I work safely at home.

Cabaret of Curiositease at Berlin Burlesque Week 2019!

Fifi Fantôme & La Viola Vixen presented Cabaret of Curiositease as part of Berlin Burlesque Week 2019!

This night circus was a Bizarre World of Wonder! The most gothic show of the week, it featured circus, neo-burlesque and dark cabaret. Above is MisSa Blue in glittering gold. She is an amazing performer and swallowed a flaming sword!
There was Dunja Von K, who I’ve drawn often, doing a spooky uncanny Valley routine! I knew she wouldn’t mind my doing a kinda creepy take on this routine.

Seymour Bottoms, a creepy yet sexy yet creepy clown!
Hedoluxe was very uncanny, and yet so seductive!

MC Elsie Marley had several fabulous costume changes!

Black Swan performer at Berlin Burlesque Week June 29 2019 by Suzanne ForbesI gotta get the name of this Black Swan style gothic performer.

She was amazing and her costume fabulous; I was just so delirious at the end of a week of some six separate drawing events that I didn’t catch her name.

La Viola Vixen at Ballhaus Berlin by Suzanne Forbes July 12 2019Here is Shimmy Shake School mâitresse La Viola Vixen.

Gorgeous performer, teacher and co-producer of this show, proudly watching the performances in custom Berlin-made Lupae Latex.

My live-drawing at Berlin’s queer, intersectional burlesque scene is courtesy of my Patrons on Patreon whose monthly financial support allows me to make this free art available!