The fabulous performers of Drag Syndrome!

Horrora Shebang July 8 2020 by Suzanne ForbesI got to draw the performers of Drag Syndrome at last!

Having to miss the Drag Syndrome show in Berlin last Fall was one of the times I felt most frustrated and saddened by my health problems. The group, described as “highly addictive drag queens & kings with Down-Syndrome”, looked so vivacious and happy! I so wanted to draw Horrora Shebang, above! And luckily I did get to, thanks to online shows!

Gaia Callas of Drag Syndrome July 8 2020 by Suzanne ForbesI am so grateful there was a livestream show of these incredible divas this Spring!

Produced by Culture Device and Queer House Party, the show featured multiple acts and costume changes from each performer. Above, the gorgeous Gaia Callas!

Justin Bond of Drag Syndrome July 8 2020 by Suzanne ForbesThe most wonderful performers, the most charismatic stars!

Justin Bond has incredible moves!! Drag Syndrome and the Friends was one of the best drag shows I’ve ever seen. The House has fantastic dancers!

Horrorchata by Suzanne Forbes May 2 2020 And fabulous Horrorchata started the show off!

A treat to get to draw her again after last summer’s Bushwig Berlin.

Indoor Goblin with Drag Syndrome July 8 2020 by Suzanne ForbesAlso performing was musician Indoor Goblin!

Lovely music! I have a whole bunch more drawings from Drag Syndrome and the Friends, and I will be posting them soon.

Meanwhile, to learn more about these fantastic performers:

I absolutely encourage you to check out the videos, see this new movie by Jess Kohl and read the article in Vogue.

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Sacred Heart, again, because we need faith and compassion more than ever.

Sacred Heart with angelina fantasy film by Suzanne Forbes June 2020I made another Sacred Heart.

For me the Sacred Heart symbolizes our burning, blazing love for each other, our ability to keep going with love and find faith at the darkest times.

Sacred Heart with angelina fantasy film by Suzanne Forbes June 2020This one really lights up!

As a person with no religious education beyond the Narnia books, I don’t actually know what the Heart Afire means to people raised in churches.

Sacred Heart with angelina fantasy film by Suzanne Forbes June 2020To me it’s a companion to the Phoenix, a representation of the flame of compassion and faith that burns in our hearts.

(little peek of my Phoenix tattoo in this shot!)

Sacred Heart with angelina fantasy film by Suzanne Forbes June 2020 insideThis Sacred Heart is Made of Angelina Fantasy Film and UV resin, mostly.

Plus holographic vinyl, iridescent vinyl, opal fimo, translucent fimo, microbeads, micro glitter, hex glitter, oilslick pvc. and some ribbon I’ve had since 1995. Sacred Heart with angelina fantasy film by Suzanne Forbes June 2020 detail

This piece is part of a whole wild road I am going down with Angelina fantasy film and uv resin.

One of the earliest projects here; how to google Angelina Fantasy Film here. I have been making SUCH beautiful things! More about them next month.

Sacred heart from March.

Hearts Afire shadowbox

Hearts Afire embroidery