Is this the prettiest thing I made this year? Holographic vinyl Dejah Thoris headpiece with glitter peonies!

I don’t know why this glittering crown makes me think of the Princess of Mars. It’s made of fans of holographic and iridescent vinyl, with organic curves of Angelina Fantasy Film and so many crystals and so much glitter. I made it back in June, but I saved it to post at the darkest time […]

My removable holographic vinyl and crystal decorative face shield tiara!

I made this quite early in lockdown, probably April, and have been using it all year! It’s made out of holographic vinyl, cut into decorative shapes and glued together, with crystals and snakeskin pvc and jellie rhinestones. I used glitter glue gun to stick parts of it together! I am wearing a face mask made […]