Fabulous newcomers on the Venus Boys stage at Silver Future!

La Papi Patacon at Venus B0ys at Silver Future by Suzanne Forbes Sept 8 2020Venus Boys is a collective of Berlin-based Drag performers who “paint from the palette of performative masculinity.”

Which is so damn great. And so are every one of the Venus Boys! I have drawn some of the members of this amazing group via their twitchstream over the last few months. However this was my first time drawing the show streaming from their home stage at Silver Future Bar in Neukölln. The three performers I drew are new collective members!

I adored El/La Papi Patacon, above! They presented a fierce party of shaking and shaking things up, with amazing eyebrows. You can see them talk about Queer perspectives and decolonial feminism in dialogue with Marxism here.

The Venus Boys “are Kings, dads, lords, lads, fags, dykes and gods.”

I marvel at the power and audacity of these young artists. Twat Butcher, above, is astonishing.

Dick Hunt at Venus B0ys at Silver Future by Suzanne Forbes Sept 8 2020SO stylish!

Dick Hunt was like a Richard Nagel drawing come to life.  I didn’t draw hostess Camp Dad, because, um, her face was kinda covered up. You can watch the show here, for the next two weeks, to see the naughtiness!

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting Berlin’s international, intersectional queer performers while I work safely at home.

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