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Archives drawings: San Francisco in the Oughts.

Leah dancing the tango at El Valenciana 2005ish by Suzanne Forbes This is Leah dancing the tango at El Valenciana in 2005.

I met Leah through my oldest friend, Victoria. Going to draw her dancing was one of my early conscious moments of “documentary drawing” of Bay Area culture.

Eugene Wong law office 2002 by Suzanne Forbes aka Rachel ForbesThe law office of Eugene Wong, 2002.

My second ex-husband was a foreign national, and Eugene managed the green card process. I believe our friend Shinsaku referred us to Eugene, who did a good job at a good price. I made this drawing on the back of some form while we were waiting one day.

Noise Party 2004 by Suzanne Forbes aka Rachel ForbesNoise Party, Berkeley, 2004.

Logan and JD, close friends of my second ex-husband and I in the Oughts, gave marvelous parties, including ones called “Noise Parties”. Like a kind of John Cage experimental sound thing! For one of the early ones my ex and I wrapped ourselves in bubble wrap and rolled up the garden path, popping and crackling!

These drawings had been scanned but not posted, and were languishing in a backup file inside many folders.

I am so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to take time to document my art archives.


Playing with pastels, drawing loved ones.

l in berlin by Suzanne Forbes Aug 1 2017When you live in Berlin, everyone comes to visit!

Many Patrons will know the beautiful face of this loved one, visiting Berlin for a week or two. L. and I got to spend some sweet quality time visiting in my Berlin kitchen while I took it slow making this drawing.

As I continue to experiment with pastels, they become more integrated into the drawing as a whole. I really considered their usage and merits for the first time as I worked on this, trying to actually work with the medium a little. As opposed to riding roughshod over it and entirely imposing my comic-book aesthetic and technique, the way I usually do.

Maybe someday I’ll even make a traditional style, true pastel painting, with no ink at all!

Like I used to do at the Art Students League as a ten-year-old.

But that day is not today, as you can see from this drawing of the hubbin sleepin. I was so fired up from drawing L. that later that night I snuck in and drew my husband in the dim light of our bedroom. Hub is so used to me sneakin in and drawing him, he just opened his eyes, shrugged, and went back to sleep, being careful not to change his pose!D sleeping August 1 2017 by Suzanne Forbes