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A special night at Monster Ronson’s!

My friend and Patron Robert Wimpory is a bastion of the indie music scene in Berlin.

He goes to see everyone’s shows, all the time. (“I try to support the scene”, he will say modestly when complimented on his showing up for the community.) Plus he has a band or two and is in the OK!Chorus and often co-hosts Uke Boogie and of course, also has a (really cool) job! And he is an archivist and curator of his own history, like I am, and has a wild collection of video and film from the 80’s. Here’s his YouTube channel!

So his birthday had to be celebrated at queer Berlin clubhouse Monster Ronsons, home of Pansy’s House of Presents, Merlin’s Berlin, Loving The Alien, and so much more. This is Robert with bumBlechum, above. They played “Disco Knicks” and threw masses of underwear aka pants out into the crowd.

Disco knicks! Shake your disco rear!

The crowd had a blast, as you can see!

One of my very favorite things about going to events in Berlin is that the crowds are of all ages. It’s rare that I am the only middle-aged person; often there are lots of us!Party at Monster Ronsons by Suzanne Forbes March 25 2019

And this is the lead singer of Pump Gang, below, who played some serious 90s hits.

I was listening to alt-radio for the 90s so I didn’t know most of them! Plus, there is a whole Euro-dance thing that is very specific to this side of the Atlantic, like the Vengaboys, who I only learned about last year. Apparently, they were a THING!

Pump Gang at Monster Ronsons by Suzanne Fprbes Marc 14 2019I had to tip out suddenly partway through Pump Gang’s set, as the decibel level was just too much for me. But nobody ever judges me for doing what’s best for me, in this community <3

I am so very grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to document Berlin life and art!

Painting Daria, while I can.

Portrait of Daria first sitting Suzanne Forbes March 19 2019Daria, who has been the heart and the jumpstart of my life in Berlin, is moving to Hamburg.

They warn you when you come to live here, it’s a transient city, you make friends and then they move away. We haven’t seen that much, luckily, because most of our community loves Berlin like we love Berlin. Not Daria, though. Daria, who is from Moscow, hates Berlin like I hated San Francisco, being from New York. It’s completely hilarious how much her disdain for the way Berlin does city is like my mine for SF. She even makes the same face I do.

Portrait of Daria first sitting second image Suzanne Forbes March 19 2019I have always understood that Daria’s talent is too big for Berlin, where nobody has any money.

I want her to have the massive success and fame she deserves even more than I want her to be near me. I want her to get to live in a city she loves, like I do.

She likes Hamburg, and moreover, she works with a tattoo studio there that is the right scale for her exploding career. She needs a platform that suits her expanding clientele. So that’s right, and as it should be, and I know I will see her when she comes to Berlin to see clients, because she’ll be sleeping on our couch!

Portrait of Daria first sitting first image by Suzanne Forbes March 19 2019As we are closing on the date she and her partner leave for their new city, we are making time for a portrait.

Like the portraits of our Bay Area loved ones that hang all over the house, a portrait of Daria will be a companion and comfort. We had talked about doing a glamorous one too, but with time growing short the highest priority was this vision of her. Like a Russian ballerina witch ninja vampire, absorbed in creating – she is editing photos on her iPad. Like I have watched her so many times in so many cafes all over the city that I came to know with her. Our next sitting is in April, and hopefully that will finish it; if not, we’ll finish it when she’s sleeping on our couch!

Daria’s website, her tatto insta and her art insta.

Here are some of our adventures together over the last three years.

Our first art collab, which was my first Berlin art collab and art trade

Our first Drawing Adventure

When we had the first art collab in my finished kitchen/workshop and I wrote, “I am the happiest I’ve been since I was 19.”

And more about how great that was!

When we did Berlin Graphic Days Night Market

When she called me on overworking hands

The house reveal after our first Joint Daria&Dan Birthday Party

My first watercolor in 25 years, live drawing with Daria at Altes Finanzamt

When I had the courage to try watercolors again because of her, at Drink and Draw.

When we made watercolors in Schöneberg

One of the days when I had bad grief and PTSD and Daria made all the difference

The frame I made for her moth drawing

On the way to a secret cemetery cafe

How I had my first Berlin art show at her tattoo studio

Daria says the right thing, always

When she did the lettering for my She-Krampus

When we drew Amanda Palmer backstage

one of the times we went to the Apple store for her damn phone

When my gothic skull was a little passe, but there’s no pleasing the young

Life drawing happytimes at ESDIP in 2017

Life drawing at the Drink and Draw Midnight Salon

At the Women’s Halloween Art Salon

When she took all the photos at the Dollhouse Lab reveal party

Live-drawing Miss Natasha at our A(RT)fair event

When we went to Life Drawing at Lydia’s

Where I talk about how having a true peer forces me to grow

How her giving me a personal doll-wigging workshop enabled me to finish a years-old project

Drawing Daria tattooing in the Friechrichshain studio, with friends


The Hunger Moon at Full Moon Cabaret!

Viva Lamore at Full Moon Cabaret Hunger Moon event by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019This was my first time at one of Full Moon Cabaret’s secret suppers.

I have been to Berlin’s most transgressive burlesque show before, in another very cool secret venue, and I love to draw producer Viva Lamore, who is a fellow New Yorker. (That’s her above with her gong! She told me she was having so much fun with “the fucking GONG!”) The acts are always fierce and freaky.

Plus, there’s a mooning contest which is pretty exciting!

So I was psyched to see this show and I was not disappointed.

Guests at Full Moon Cabaret Hunger Moon event by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019Behind a secret door was a long room with a stage, lined with a very long dining table.

I took a seat on the sidelines so I could draw. (I learned my lesson about trying to eat and draw simultaneously at a LOTR-themed immersive dinner theater event put on by the Greater Bay Area Costumers’ Guild in 2005 or 6!) Most of the Full Moon attendees were in ’30s finery and there was a crew of gorgeous performers in really wonderful Shanghai 1930s style. That’s stage manager Maylisss standing in the background above; she is an expert at vintage clothing and costuming.

Below, more lovely audience and attendees!Audience at Full Moon Cabaret by Suzanne Forbes March 15 2019Chika at Full Moon Cabaret Hunger Moon event by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019

That’s Chika, above helping with the mooning-hole!

and below with legend Vanessa Jupiter in the long gloves who is a trained massage therapist and was doing massages for the guests.Performers at Full Moon Cabaret Hunger Moon event by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019Viva and her crew are so vibrant and sexy, and there is a kink vibe to the shows so I feel right at home!

Marianne Cheesecake at Full Moon Cabaret Hunger Moon event by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019This was one of those events where I wanted to draw everyone a dozen times.

Marianne Cheesecake, performing with a very badly behaved dragon puppet, was SO beautiful!

The finale performance, by Crystal Tassels, was fantastic. Sadly, I cannot show you the drawing on a Patreon post. (It involved a cake and a chair!)

As always, I am so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to document Berlin life and art!

Live-drawing Pêdra Costa and Sadie Lune at the Schwules Museum!

Pedra Costa performing at Schwules Museum by Suzanne Forbes Mar 7 2019Valentine’s Day was the finissage of the EXTRA + TERRESTRIAL exhibit by COVEN BERLIN at Berlin’s Gay Museum, the Schwules Museum.

I was invited by Harley Aussoleil of COVEN BERLIN to do documentary drawing. (You can see my drawings from the Spoken Word event of the show here.)

Pêdra Costa, a Brazilian performance artist, performed hers work de_colon_isation. You can see hers beginning the piece above, with technical support from Maya Guttman.

In the background, on the wall, are drawn works by the incredible Mexican artist Rurru Mipanochia; you can see photos of them here!

Pedra Costa dancing in performance at Schwules Museum by Suzanne Forbes Feb 27 2019Here is Pêdra dancing as the scent of “Brazilian Bum Bum” cream fills the air.

I loved how the sensory experience of smell was incorporated into the work. There are photos on Instagram!

Sadie Lune and Jo Pollux filmed by Marit Ostberg at Schwules Museum by Suzanne Forbes March 7 2019My friend Sadie Lune, who is part of COVEN, was being filmed by the documentary crew of multidisciplinary queer artist Marit Östberg.

Here you can see Sadie, eight months pregnant, being interviewed as she and photographer Jo Pollux lie within Sadie’s piece, “Weird Sisters”. I feel like it looks like they’re in a field at night and Sadie is pointing out the constellations to Jo, telling her a story about the baby’s star sign.

Many thanks to Harley Aussoleil, who was in charge of the event programming for this exhibit and provided wonderful support to me as I worked! These drawings, like 95% of my art, are licensed Creative Commons for you to freely use and share if you credit me as artist.

And always, always, thank you to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly subscription support makes my work documenting queer Berlin possible.

Scenes around town, February 2019

Bartenders at the Lori Cafe by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019Here are the bartenders at the Lori Cafe in Kreuzberg.

I drew this waiting to be let through the secret door for the Full Moon Cabaret, and it feels like I drew it before I entered another world!

At the endocrinologist in Mitte by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019These ladies were waiting to see the endocrinologist, like me.

My endocrinologist is in a bizarre, deeply ugly modern building with walls – the walls inside!!!- literally covered in stainless steel. It’s the Galeries Lafayette building, but in the store at least a lot of the ugly is covered in fancy and you can buy delicious cake.

Audience at Le Grand Mess by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019Some audience members at Le Grand Mess.

The young woman shown here is a standup comedian. Going to live-draw at a standup open mic is one of those things that’s on my list of things to draw, like drawing at a tango session again, like visiting the circus center and drawing people doing aerials again, like drawing people ice-skating which I’ve never done, like drawing people playing pool again…there is enough time, but not always energy! And first, before any of those things, I’ve been invited to draw The Berlin Bruisers, Europe’s only gay-inclusive rugby league!!

As always, my deepest thanks to my beloved Patrons on Patreon, who make it financially possible for me to document Berlin life.

Jo Pollux shoots Sadie Lune’s pregnancy photos in our salon!

Jo Pollux and Sadie Lune at Sadies pregancy photoshoot Feb 13 2019 by Suzanne ForbesGetting a chance to draw these two artists as they work was a dream collaboration.

Ace photog Jo Pollux shooting Sadie Lune Feb 13 2019 by Suzanne ForbesBerlin photographer and film-maker Jo Pollux has photographed Sadie Lune so often, and so beautifully; they work together in easy harmony.Jo Pollux shooting Sadie Lune at Sadies pregancy photoshoot Feb 13 2019 by Suzanne Forbes

Sadie knows Jo will make amazing images, and Jo is gonna get the shot no matter what!

Being trusted to be present and document their process was such a privilege.

I have painted them together and drawn both Sadie and Jo often, but this was a whole new level.

Sadie is VERY pregnant with her second child! Nonetheless, she is a very experienced model and the vibe was extremely chill. She wore several pairs of SUPER high heeled Fluevogs!Sadie Lune at her pregancy photoshoot Feb 13 2019 by Suzanne Forbes

I didn’t plan for the drawings of Jo to come out all anime-superheroine, but I was working with a new type of pen and really working fast!
Jo Pollux in our library Feb 13 2019 by Suzanne Forbes
I’m super grateful to Jo and Sadie for letting me share this moment.Sadie Lune pastel portrait detail Berlin Feb 13 by Suzanne Forbes

Jo Pollux shooting Feb 13 2019 by Suzanne ForbesI did a pastel drawing of Sadie posing on the couch en déshabillé but you’ll have to go to my flickr to see it!

Sadie’s Amazon wish list for the new baby is here if you’d like to help a single parent working artist out!

If you want to follow her work here’s her Insta, her twitter and her (NSFW) website.

Jo’s website is here. You can pre-order Jo’s exquisitely beautiful erotic photobook in collaboration with Sadie, “As You Wish My Lady”, here. (NSFW 🙂

My work documenting queer culture in Berlin is made possible by my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support allows me to make art. 

You can help, for a little as a dollar/euro a month! My live documentary art is licensed Creative Commons and free for all to share and print, you can read about how that works here.

Red Hot Love at Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin!

Valentina Demonia and Martini Cherryfurter portraits at Dr Sketchys Berlin Feb 17 by Suzanne ForbesOh, what a gorgeous show this was!

Another absolute knockout of a Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin production from LaLa Vox and Syren Joey, at the beautiful Ballhaus Berlin. The models were Valentina Demonia, who I’ve drawn many times, Martini Cherry Furter who I was discovering for the first time, and BiszhopBlaczkx. I had been wanting to draw @thebiszhopblaczkx for YEARS!!! I was sick for the last #drsketchysberlin he performed at and no way was I missing this one!!!

biszhopblaczk at Dr Sketchys Berlin Feb 17 2019 by Suzanne ForbesAnd he wore flowers on his head!!!

Valentina Demonia detail at Dr Sketchys Berlin Feb 17 2019 by Suzanne ForbesI just loved everything about this session.

Many of the poses and outfits were too racy for a Patreon sponsored post, so I’ll finish those drawings and you’ll have to find them on my flickr 😉

I especially loved Valentina’s pasties and red thigh-high boots look, and Martini’s red and black corset! Most of Biszhop’s outfits consisted of his extreme good looks, a pretty accessory and a smoky gaze. His bits were covered, but not by much!

Martini Cherry Furter both posed and performed, an exhilarating number involving the audience setting her on fire!

Martini Cherryfurter detail at Dr Sketchys Berlin Feb 17 2019 by Suzanne ForbesShe has incredible stage presence. She  looked so good I actually lost all decorum and shouted, “Girl you are SO BEAUTIFUL!!”. She accepted that as her due, with a gracious smile.

thank you so much to these amazing artists who brought their hearts and souls to the show, it was a privilege to draw you!

Thank you again, @lalavox and @syrenjoey and @ballhausberlin !

and thanks so very much to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support allows me to make art!

Previous Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin posts:

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and my first Dr. Sketchy’s Berlin with Viva Lamore, Syren Joey and live painting outdoors!

In which I am interviewed at Le Grand Mess by Liliana Velásquez and Fannie Headaek!

Liliana Velasquez and Fannie Headaek at Le Grand Mess Feb 9 2019 by Suzanne ForbesTwo of Berlin’s hardest working entertainers invited me to their talk-show-with-a-twist.

Le Grand Mess takes place at the charming little theater InnovationArt just two subway stops from us, so the hubbin and I made an evening out of it. I have enjoyed drawing both Liliana Velásquez and Fannie Headaek before.Liliana Velasquez and Fannie Headaek dancing at Le Grand Mess Feb 9 2019 by Suzanne Forbes

You can see my drawings of Liliana performing at Folsom Europe, emcee’ing the Tom Petty tribute show and at Lagari, and of Fannie at Monster Ronson’s. Liliana is the host of The Freudian Slip Club (every Sunday! no matter what!), co-producer of Big Broad Revue, and so many other things.

Portrait of Fannie Headaek Feb 9 2019 by Suzanne ForbesFannie does her own special effects makeup!

And is also an absolutely banging pole dancer. We had such a lovely time, and I really enjoyed talking about my work with these lovely folx, and my hubbin  cracked up at all the jokes.

I am so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support allows me to make art documenting queer culture in Berlin. 

You can help, for a little as a dollar/euro a month! My live documentary art is licensed Creative Commons and free for all to share and print, you can read about how that works here.

BEDx at Lovelite!

Cameryn Moore at BEDx by Suzanne Forbes Jan 28 2019Wow, what lovely cozy queer community there is in Berlin!

I was a presenter at Cameryn Moore‘s BEDx, a mini-conference for sex-geeking. My hub and I taxied across town (first taxi of the year! luxury!) to the gorgeous, welcoming venue, Lovelite. I had an absolutely wonderful time and so did my hub, who said it was like SF in the old days. It really was like the events he and I used to go to together at places like Femina Potens and the Center for Sex and Culture. Everyone relaxed and friendly and supportive, and so kind.

I talked about my work doing documentary drawing at events like play parties and dungeons. It was my first time doing a presentation with slides, but Cameryn set it all up for me and there was a lovely AV person named Yasmin who worked with me running them, and I think the slides were very appropriately filthy 🙂 That’s Cameryn in the top drawing.

Erin Bell at BEDx by Suzanne Forbes Jan 28 2019Erin Bell talked about (and briefly demonstrated!) the practice of “Thinking Off.”

I was very interested because I am reading a book called “The Body Keeps the Score” and am learning that breathwork has healing potential for trauma survivors. Erin is a delightful personality and knows so much about somatics and sex-positive bodywork!Jane Flett at BEDx by Suzanne Forbes Jan 28 2019

And Jane Flett read her amazing poetry!

Wow, she is a terrific writer. I was knocked out by the power of her words. So vivid and fierce, in the warm red-lit room. Really Lovelite is an amazing venue for queer performance.

Altogether a lovely evening out for us and thanks so much to Cameryn for including me! You can check out Cameryn’s other events like the incredibly popular Smut Slam on her Facebook I believe, follow her on twitter and support her on Patreon!

My work documenting queer culture in Berlin is made possible by my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support allows me to make art. 

You can help, for a little as a dollar/euro a month! My live documentary art is licensed Creative Commons and free for all to share and print, you can read about how that works here.

Seen around town: waltzing boyfriends and a Hoplite warrior!

Waltzing boyfriends Jan 24 2019 by Suzanne ForbesThese two lovebirds were waltzing and smooching as they waited for their train at Hermannplatz.

The funny thing was, I got on the same car as them, and once they were sitting down, the taller guy produced a Dan Brown thriller and began reading it with complete concentration, oblivious to his partner. As Book Time is taken very seriously in our house, I completely respected his boundary-setting around reading.

Cosplay guardian Jan 25 2019 by Suzanne ForbesThis Hoplite was guarding the door at the Erinyes benefit gig I went to recently.

I drew him because it was not what you expected for the security detail at a Polish children’s healthcare benefit. And also it was pretty funny that I was sitting with my Greek friend Anastis drawing the Greek soldier at the Polish children’s healthcare benefit.

However, I only know the armor style is called Hoplite because just a couple days later my husband told me we needed to get a reproduction Hoplite helmet for the library. Because of his studies on Ancient Greece. I said sure, no problem. My first husband built a Tesla coil for our living room and my second husband kept leeches for pets and made daguerreotypes with radioactive rocks, so a Hoplite helmet seems fairly reasonable, really.

edited to add these dancing girls who were whirling around in front of the stage before The Erinyes went on!Dancing girls by Suzanne Forbes Jan 28 2019