Big Fat Burlesque from Rollin’ With Lindsay, with Berlin Babes!

Big Fat Burlesque Piggy Rox by Suzanne Forbes March 13 2020I decided back in February that since I have several zoom portrait sessions in March, I would draw only one streaming show this month.

Big Fat Burlesque, produced by Lindsay McGlone, was my choice – because there’s never been a more important moment for fat visibility, pride and awareness. And this show had an incredible lineup with richly various identities of fat folx from all over!

Above, Piggy Rox, the pink punk powerhouse I previously drew for another marvelous UK-based show, Disabilitease.

Big Fat Burlesque Lady Blue Phoenix by Suzanne Forbes March 13 2020Berlin Burlesquer Lady Blue Phoenix opened the show with a new act.

She knocked everyone’s socks off! You can follow her on insta here.

Big Fat Burlesque The Prince of Persia by Suzanne Forbes March 13 2020The Prince of Persia did a poignant, heartfelt performance about hate crimes.

He was very moving, and his mom was in the audience which was so cool! Insta here 🙂

Big Fat Burlesque Luna TikTok by Suzanne Forbes March 13 2020I always love to draw Berlin-based New Yorker Luna TikTok.

They are incredible performing as burlesque dazzler Luna TikTok and as Drag King Roman TikTok. Insta here, spoil them here!

I’ll have more drawings from this show coming up when I can, after I draw my first Zoom wedding reception!

I am incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting drag and burlesque performers while I work safely at home.

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