Gothic Rococo Insect mirror number 4 in a series: is the creepiest creepy thing I’ve ever made?

I started casting UV resin in molds a while back. I love resin, but casting epoxy resin made me so frustrated. Having to leave the molds undisturbed for a day was so hard for my addictive nature! Plus they always get cat hair in them somehow. Using UV resin has been such a great change. […]

New Mutants custom Magma: using UV resin on action figure customs!

Magma, Amara Acquilla, is one of the more problematic New Mutants. Every character is someone’s favorite, but I personally never felt any emotional connection to her whatsoever. Which is funny, given how much I loved the other original New Mutants. So while I felt she should be represented in my X-Men dollhouse, along with Rahne […]