For Queer Wrath Month, a custom steed for my trans action figures!

My custom trans action figure Cherie and her girlfriend Edwina needed a fierce steed for LGTBTQ+ Wrath Month! I saw this He-Man Masters of the Universe Panthor figure on sale this spring. I knew she was perfect for my traditional Pride Month mixed media project. Or for Gay Wrath Month! In Germany and much of […]

Gothic Rococo Insect mirror number 4 in a series: is the creepiest creepy thing I’ve ever made?

I started casting UV resin in molds a while back. I love resin, but casting epoxy resin made me so frustrated. Having to leave the molds undisturbed for a day was so hard for my addictive nature! Plus they always get cat hair in them somehow. Using UV resin has been such a great change. […]