More meet-and-draw, with the most stylish woman in Berlin!

Bindy at Adenauerplatz by Suzanne Forbes Sept 14 2021The chic-est in Berlin! I always think of Bindy that way, her style just knocks me out.

I drew her once before, at Drink and Draw Berlin, an event and community she helped create. I was so glad to get to hang out with her and talk and draw on a quiet Fall day. She is a native Berliner, quite unusual – Berlin is like NY in that people come here but are rarely from here!

Bindy is an artist, musician, MUA and scientist, plus the only other woman in town who says “FUCK!” as much as I do.

Bindy at Adenauerplatz with U by Suzanne Forbes Sept 14 2021We met up near my home, at Adenauerplatz, to draw and chat.

Bindy calls this look a “Monochromatic vampire slayer” look and you can find a tutorial on her makeup feed. You can follow her on Insta for music updates, and also check out her soundcloud!

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue making art as a vaccinated but Covid-vulnerable disabled person.

With your support, I can work from home or safely outside and keep telling the stories of Berlin.

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