Sebastian beams in from Tasmania!

Sebastian at home in Tasmania with apple Jan 28 2021 by Suzanne ForbesOur friend Sebastian hoped to return to Berlin a year or two back.

Sadly, that hasn’t happened, and my portrait of him remains not quite finished.

However, we decided to catch up on a zoom drawing sesh with his cool outfits, props and makeup.

It was a lovely chance to chat! Sebastian is a circus performer and producer, who fit into Berlin like he had always been here.

Sebastian at home in Tasmania Jan 28 2021 by Suzanne ForbesThe beginning of the pandemic caught Seb at home with his family in Hobart, Tasmania.

Because containment has been so much better in Oz, he has been able to do a little festival touring last year and some festival gigs on the island this summer, but not come to Europe.

Sebastian at home in Tasmania with umbrella Jan 28 2021 by Suzanne ForbesWe hope for better days.

Meanwhile, here he is in all his pink-haired charm!

3 thoughts on “Sebastian beams in from Tasmania!

    1. Suzanne Forbes Post author

      You probably haven’t met him! I don’t believe he’s ever been to Cali. And he is a joy 🙂 as well as so handsome! Both husband and I would talk with him for hours about so many things.


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