The gorgeous performers of Quaranteasy Speakeasy!

Funa Moreish for Quaranteasy Speakeasy by Suzanne Forbes Aug 14 2020I was thrilled to draw UK burlesque performer Funa Moreish for the first time.

Funa is incredibly beautiful and charismatic and a true muse. Loved her Quaranteasy Speakeasy performance with gold text flashcards which read “Black”, “Beauty”, “Worthy”; I tried to do a kind of timelapse showing them all.

Cadbury Parfait Me Party act by Suzanne Forbes Aug 6 2020I found out about Quaranteasy Speakeasy from the feed of Cadbury Parfait.

Seen above performing her marvelous “Me Party” routine, Cadbury is a friend, muse and Patron who I have drawn many times. She always entertains!

Cocoa Kink for Quaranteasy Speakeasy by Suzanne Forbes Aug 14 2020I was so happy to draw incredible dancer Cocoa Kink.

Cocoa Kink is a wonderful performer who is part of the amazing House of Allure and also has an 0nleeFans!

The UK burly girls are simply amazing, and there’s another Quaranteasy show Sept. 6 – I highly recommend!

I am so grateful to my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support lets me keep documenting international, intersectional performers while I work safely at home.

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