Scenes around town, July 2019.

Plants and piercings June 13 2019 Suzanne ForbesJust a guy, carrying home some plants for his balcony, like you do.

Living in Berlin, I constantly see people using public transit for carrying and moving the kind of stuff you generally only see people transport with cars in the US. This fellow went to Bauhaus, which is like fancy Home Depot, got his plant stuff, and hopped on the same bus I took.

I saw these two at our local pub.

The argument passed and they were talking convivially soon after, so I’m glad I caught this moment of body language.Couple at the Finanzamt by Suzanne Forbes Oct 23 2019

This couple at the Finanzamt had each other’s backs.

They were stressed out, because they were at the Finanzamt (tax office) but they were keeping each other cool.

My documentary drawings of everyday Berlin life are courtesy of my Patrons on Patreon, whose monthly financial support allows me to make this free art available!

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