Scenes around town, February 2019

Bartenders at the Lori Cafe by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019Here are the bartenders at the Lori Cafe in Kreuzberg.

I drew this waiting to be let through the secret door for the Full Moon Cabaret, and it feels like I drew it before I entered another world!

At the endocrinologist in Mitte by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019These ladies were waiting to see the endocrinologist, like me.

My endocrinologist is in a bizarre, deeply ugly modern building with walls – the walls inside!!!- literally covered in stainless steel. It’s the Galeries Lafayette building, but in the store at least a lot of the ugly is covered in fancy and you can buy delicious cake.

Audience at Le Grand Mess by Suzanne Forbes Feb 28 2019Some audience members at Le Grand Mess.

The young woman shown here is a standup comedian. Going to live-draw at a standup open mic is one of those things that’s on my list of things to draw, like drawing at a tango session again, like visiting the circus center and drawing people doing aerials again, like drawing people ice-skating which I’ve never done, like drawing people playing pool again…there is enough time, but not always energy! And first, before any of those things, I’ve been invited to draw The Berlin Bruisers, Europe’s only gay-inclusive rugby league!!

As always, my deepest thanks to my beloved Patrons on Patreon, who make it financially possible for me to document Berlin life.

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