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Imbolg Crown, finished!

Imbolg Crown 2022 by Suzanne ForbesSometimes, to make the things I’m gonna make, I have to make them to figure out how I’m gonna make them.

This was definitely one of those situations! In the freezing January of 2021 I had a vision of a green glittering crown, made of beads and Angelina Fantasy Film and UV resin. I imagined that it would sit lightly on the head like wings, or crawling ivy.

On Imbolc/Imolg 2021 I posted the first stage.

Imbolg Crown of UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film 2022 by Suzanne Forbes processInitially there were two wing-like structures, one of beads and crystals and floral wire and one of lighter wire and Angelina Fantasy Film.

Above you can see the two sections held together in front of February snow, 2021; the fused and completed crown, with late January snow, 2022, and the finished crown on Imbolg 2022, when sunlight burst onto our balcony for the first time in months.

Imbolg Crown 2022 by Suzanne Forbes detailDuring the summer of 2021, I spent many hours on the balcony in the sun, applying tinted UV resin and crystals to each section.

Once each section was completely decorated and strengthened with resin, I fused the sections together with beaded wire and UV resin.

Imbolg Crown 2022 by Suzanne Forbes assemblyUnlike all my other headdress projects, I wanted this crown to be light, and also stable!

Somehow I decided that a lightweight headband could secure it while the actual structure rested on the wearer’s hair. So I ordered a thin green headband and attached it to the two wing-like structures of floral wire, using ribbon and resin-covered wire loops so it would be mobile.

Imbolg Crown 2022 by Suzanne Forbes sideI added some bright green organza ribbon that had been awaiting its destiny for at least two decades.

The organza ribbons can be braided into hair to secure the crown, or used with bobby pins to hold it.Imbolg Crown 2022 by Suzanne Forbes worn by the artist

The Spring WILL come.

If you are interested in Imbolg and Brigid, and other Irish and Celtic spiritual traditions, check out Berlin-based Irishwoman Dee Mulroney!

She is the power behind Growler and an incredible visual artist and storyteller and ritual-maker. The work she does is a vital source of strength and cultural connection for me. She will be making fine art prints of her beautiful drawings available soon!

Imbolc crown in process – an act of faith!

UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film Imbolc crown in process and snowy hof by Suzanne Forbes Feb 17 2021On Imbolc, February 1, I started a project I can’t finish until there are warm, sunny days.

It had been cold and grey for approximately ten million days in Berlin at that point, and it continued to be grey, plus snow and much, much colder. I wanted to make a project that celebrates Spring and green things growing – and I wanted to use UV resin.

UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film Imbolc crown in process detail by Suzanne Forbes Feb 17 2021However, the UV resin curing-on-the-fly technique I’ve developed requires bright sunlight.

Basically, it only works from April to October in Germany. Much like Vitamin D production! The opalescent Angelina Fantasy Film I glued and melted onto a beaded floral and craft wire armature will be embellished by drips and drizzles and spikes of colored UV resin.

Like the Fire and Water crowns I made last summer, sitting in the boiling sun on the balcony!

UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film Imbolc crown in process by Suzanne Forbes Feb 17 2021Once I had the bead armatures and Angelina Film structure built, I glued on ombre and iridescent beads and peals.

Then, there wasn’t anything else I could do! So I put the two layers of crown armature and other materials I’ll need in what I call a project kit (usually on a paper plate!), and set them aside until Spring. Trusting that Spring will come, trusting that I’ll be here to see it.

An act of faith.

UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film materials kit by Suzanne Forbes Feb 17 2021This is my UV resin and Angelina Fantasy Film materials box.

Sourced from all over the world, and all neatly organized, ready for the sunny days!

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I am incredibly grateful to my Patreon Patrons for their support of my mixed media artwork, the place I feel safest with evolving and experimenting. It’s what I do instead of vacation 🙂 !