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“Agency and The Creative Process”, a very special drawing event!

Antoine Hunter aka Purple Fire Crow for Figure on Diversity by Suzanne Forbes Dec 15 2021I caught the final event of “More Than Life Drawing”, a series presented by The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts & Figure On Diversity.

I’ve been insta-following the groundbreaking work of Figure on Diversity for over a year, hoping to join an online session when the time was right. Angela DeCarlis, the founder and director of FID, facilitated last night’s session and interviewed the folks modeling. I love to see representation, agency and equity centered in figure modeling!

About this series of life drawing sessions:

“More Than Life Drawing

Behind every work of figurative art there is a model whose own artistic skills were essential in that work’s creation. However, despite being visible as the subjects of these works, life models are nearly always overlooked in their role as active agents in the artistic process, and are seen instead as “mercenary drawing instruments.”*

More Than Life Drawing will feature 90 minutes of drawing time with live, discussion-style interviews with participating figure models. These sessions will showcase not only the stories of the figure models who inspire us, but will also position the practice of life modeling as active, artistic and activistic. Bring your charcoal, pencils and paint and join us for a lively night of drawing, learning and fun!

Each of the three events will feature two models who hold one or more marginalized identities, including People of Color, and individuals who are Fat, Gender-Expansive, and/or Disabled. More Than Life Drawing is held in concert with PAFA’s groundbreaking exhibition Joan Semmel: Skin in the Game.”

term coined by artist and model Dominic Blake

Antoine Hunter aka Purple Fire Crow seated for Figure on Diversity by Suzanne Forbes Dec 15 20215 minMarvelous poses struck by dancer Antoine Hunter, also known as Purple Fire Crow.

Bay Area native Antoine Hunter, also known as Purple Fire Crow, is an award-winning internationally-known African-American, Indigenous, Deaf, Disabled, choreographer, dancer, actor, instructor, speaker, producer and Deaf advocate. He creates opportunities for Disabled, Deaf and hearing artists and produces Deaf-friendly events, and founded the Urban Jazz Dance Company and Bay Area International Deaf Dance Festival.

So glad to have a chance to draw Antoine! You can learn about their work here:

Antoine Hunter aka Purple Fire Crow seated for Figure on Diversity by Suzanne Forbes Dec 15 2021

Such a great opportunity to experience life models talking about their creative work.

The other model was Berlin-based artist and life model Yuka Tanaka. Sadly, I can’t share any drawings of Yuka on a Patreon-sponsored post as f3male-pr3senting n;ppl3s were exposed. But please check out Yuka’s work:   Website  |  Instagram  |  Life Drawing Kreuzberg Berlin

I am so grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue making art as a vaccinated but Covid-vulnerable disabled person.