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Do you know the Nordic Model HARMS sworkers? Decrim NOW.

International Sex Workers Day action figure diorama by Suzanne Forbes June 2 2021 decrim nowMany people are unaware that the so-called “Nordic Model” is actively harmful and dangerous to humans whose business is sex.

What workers actually want is decriminalisation, known as Decrim for short.

International Sex Workers Day action figure diorama by Suzanne Forbes June 2 2021 As we celebrate International Sex Worker’s Day, let’s remember that the lived experience of workers is the ultimate authority on what workers need.

The red umbrella is the symbol of support for sex workers. I bought tiny red umbrella earrings and a pretty new red dress in case I was able to go to marches this year, but I am only a few days out from my second vaccine shot, and feeling pretty unwell.

International Sex Workers Day action figure diorama by Suzanne Forbes June 2 2021 detailSo I made these photos instead.

Follow some Decrim groups here, here and here. Lots of Berlin sw orgs tagged in this post, give ’em a follow! A huge event coming up on June 17-19 is the Black Sx Workers’ Conference from the Black Sx Worker Collective.

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Red Umbrella Embroidery project: Fight for the rights of Sex Workers!!

I got these beautiful domed antique brass frames, made in Germany, last Fall.

I found them on German eBay. I got a half dozen of them, they are tiny and very lovely, and I wanted to do something special with them.

I decided to embroider the Red Umbrella, which is the international symbol of solidarity with sex workers. The one below is in the Black Trans Flag colors, as well as the rainbow for Pride- I used superfine holographic thread and hundreds and hundreds of stitches.

Black leadership tells us to center the most marginalized.

To listen to what sex workers tell us they need, and work to help them get it.

Protect Black Trans Sex Workers embroidery with holographic thread by Suzanne Forbes June 2020Maybe someday every home will have the symbol of solidarity with sex workers.

Maybe someday every home will declare itself a safe space for the most vulnerable people in society, the people who have to work to live and yet are never given the protections of workers.

I have known and loved sex workers since I was a teen; I learn more all the time about how to listen to what they are telling me they need.

The most urgent need for sex workers all over the world is the Decriminalization of Sex Work. Not the Nordic Model, not legalization and government regulation – Decrim.red umbrella embroidery by Suzanne Forbes June 2020

Decriminalize sex work NOW.

Here are some of the reasons why sex workers tell us that Decrim is the model they want.

Here is an extremely useful article on how to make sex workers’ lives easier.

Read “Revolting Prostitutes: The fight for Sex Workers’ Rights”.

Now more than ever, when so many sworkers can’t work because of COVID-19 yet are excluded from government support in most countries, donate to sex workers’ aid funds.

People need money to live. This is our German fund for workers who aren’t getting government aid. Orgs like The Black Trans Travel Fund and The Okra Project help BPOC trans people get basic needs like food and transport met.


You can hold up a red umbrella.