Dotti Moscati for the Sketcherei Valentines’ Special!

Dotti Moscati for Sketcherei Valentines Feb 14 2022 by Suzanne ForbesI love to draw Dotti Moscati.

She is one of my favorite Berlin performers, with her “twisted clown” feminist humor and sweet moves. And the Berlin life drawing team of Sketcherei always does a wonderful job putting on a session.

Dotti Moscati for Sketcherei Valentines Feb 14 2022 by Suzanne Forbes 2I was only able to do a couple drawings, as I ran out of steam.

It was great to see Dotti onstage at Zum Starken August, and to see Alexandra Ru (aka Barsketcher) doing the setup, even through a screen.

I miss these Berlin art scene mainstays and the life drawing scene so much.

Here are some Valentines’ drawings from Big Broad Revue two years ago, the last time I drew Dotti IRL. Drawing Dotti from the House of Presents live-stream in 2020. Dotti talking Burlesque politics and taking a stand for inclusion and diversity at Big Broad Revue in 2019. And the most underground life drawing ever, with Sketcherei and Chiqui Love!

Dotti’s website is here, linktree here and insta here.

As always, I am profoundly grateful to my Patreon Patrons, whose monthly financial support makes it possible for me to continue making art as a vaccinated but Covid-vulnerable disabled person.

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Suzanne Forbes is a traditionally trained figurative artist who makes documentary art of queer culture and Berlin life. She also works in mixed media. She is a former New Yorker who immigrated to Berlin with her third husband and their two cats. Her work is crowdfunded by the support of her Patrons on Patreon; you could help! In previous lives Suzanne was a graffiti artist in downtown NY, a courtroom artist for CBS and CNN, a penciller for DC Comics on Star Trek, and a live-drawing chronicler of Bay Area alternative culture.

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