Drawings from an office Xmas party that was actually fun!

We went to the hubby’s office Christmas party (not “holiday” party; it’s pretty much mostly Christmas you hear about in Berlin, despite the city’s diversity) and it was actually AWESOME.Christmas party in Berlin Dec 18 2015 Suzanne Forbes

Who knew a work party could be fun?!?

There were people from six different countries at our table alone. So many languages- sixteen at the company of 30 employees, “if you count Catalan!” (Euro-joke). Such happy, beautiful young people.Christmas party in Berlin Dec 18 2015 Suzanne Forbes

The food was scrumptious and there was amazing music.

The hubby wore the Lip Service Step In Time steampunk suit I got him last winter, pants and tailcoat of copper with black plaid and a waistcoat of black and bronze plaid, with a black silk Pierre Cardin tie I got him at Ross and a black-on-black pinstripe shirt. He looked amazing. I wore a purple lace 50s style dress from eShakti, a teal burnout velvet kimono with a huge blue fur collar, masses of blue and violet hair flowers and jewelry, and turquoise fishnet stockings. Cause I’m so subtle.

I had a wonderful time drawing our tablemates and the musicians. We just had such a good time. It’s so ridiculously good living here, I feel like we won the lottery, and I’m so, so grateful. I think how happy I am shows in my work. There’s been some talk recently about the whole starving/suffering artist thing and what a crock of shit it is. I can’t say strongly enough that I believe artists work best when they have health insurance, medical care and affordable housing.

“I got into therapy and I got on a pill, and what I discovered was getting help didn’t make me less creative. What was making me less creative was being a depressed crazy person. Figuring out how to be happy and have fun with the kids again, how to have fun with my life and work, actually made me a better writer, not a worse writer.” – Joe HIll


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