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Sometimes I make things, and the internet helps me.

I like to make things when I’m not working as a commercial artist.

Fiddly things. The last time I took a hiatus from working as an artist, it was food. This time it’s handwork and sculpting. This time, there’s Netflix, which is the craftperson’s best friend. These are commercial corsets i bead-embroidered, appliqued, sequined, embellished with Swarovski crystals and embroidered with metallic threads.

The top one is actually green underneath all the “gack” (costumers’ technical term); it’s an OC 511, from the good folks at Orchard Corset. I modified it by adding sewn-in hip gores of heavy dark teal brocade to increase the hip-to-waist ratio.mer corset- Bead Embroidery by Suzanne ForbesSnow Queen corset - Bead Embroidery by Suzanne ForbesSnow Queen corset detail - Bead Embroidery by Suzanne ForbesSea Queen corset and gloves - Bead Embroidery by Suzanne Forbes