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Sustaining Cat Love.

Cody has her evening treat by Suzanne Forbes Dec 9 2021Cody is keeping us going.

Her calm, gentle nature (except when she’s excited about her tube of goo!) is a balm for us. As shown above, every night our sweet Cody has a Sheba brand “creamy snackÔÇť. She loves them soooo much! She is such a precious girl.

One day last week I found out we have to find a new Steuerberater (German tax preparer, incredibly hard to find a trustworthy one) and I was very upset. Cody climbed on my chest and purred and purred to calm me.

The creamy snack tubes smell absolutely disgusting but Cody deserves them! They supposedly have different flavors, but they smell equally disgusting, and she likes them all equally. Cody’s rescuer and Oma, Erika, actually bought this drawing because she loves Cody and misses her a lot. Even though she has six other cats. Cody is special!

Swantje and Pi detail Summer 2021 by Suzanne ForbesAnother sweet cat: My friend Niklas’ cat Pi.

Pi is a German tabby cat like Cody, with the characteristic round head and long ears. They both look a lot like European wildcats, Felis silvestris silvestris. Cody even has the fancy winged eyeliner!

Cripes, I don’t know what the hell we would do without cats. That’s all I can say.