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Printmaking at Parsons, Fall 1986.

Starfire etching by Suzanne Forbes working as Rachel Ketchum Fall 1986 detailI didn’t want to take printmaking.

I considered it a waste of time, because I didn’t intend to be a fine artist who made prints; I was going to be a comic artist, whose artwork was sent to printers!

But it was required, so I made superheroine prints!

Scarlet Witch lithograph by Suzanne Forbes working as Rachel Ketchum Fall 1986This lithograph of the Scarlet Witch is very gothic!

I was 19 and very sad, but also even then Wanda was a tragic character..

Warrior Woman lithograph by Suzanne Forbes working as Rachel Ketchum Fall 1986I was absolutely just meeting the requirements in this last litho.

It is 100% phoning it in. I did like the print shop, which was a world of its own with so many arcane processes and chemicals, and the print teacher, who always smelled like the garlic he was taking against a parasite infection he’d gotten in Belize.

I just didn’t like all the hassle involved in printmaking! It is such a goddam pain. Even then, at 19, I had limited energy and couldn’t tolerate the rubbing of the plates. Nothing looks like a hand-pulled print, though.

As far as I know, these were the first fine art prints ever made of Kory and Wanda!

I hand-colored a few of the Kory etchings with Dr. Martin’s dye, just her golden skin, green eyes and orange hair I think. I gave one to Marv Wolfman at San Diego in…’90 maybe? As a thank you, for all the Titans gave to me.

These prints had never been photographed; until now, no record of them existed – if we had a fire or flood they would just be gone forever.

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