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A Green Dinner in Berlin

I haven’t had much time to draw of late, because of the full-time job of looking for a flat.

Original drawing by Suzanne Forbes July 2015But I was invited to a dinner event on Thursday, and because I knew my Patrons were supporting me, I made the time to go.

The event was “Tales of Taste #2, Forgotten Greens”, and it was dinner featuring wild and historic greens of Europe. This picture shows the event creator, Inés Lauber.

It was hosted in the wildly chic penthouse of Ute K., an amazing new friend in Berlin. Her terrace has the most incredible herb garden I’ve ever seen.

I tried to draw a few of the plants, or at least suggest them.

Tales of Taste_2_2015_Hostess_by_Suzanne_ForbesThere was millet gnocchi, and bright, grassy herbal pestos, and nettle soup with flowers.

I had nettle tagliatelle the one time I ever went to Chez Panisse, in like the 90s, and I fucking still talk about it, I love nettles so much.

Hearing the international chatting of the diners, as the sun set over Berlin, I was so profoundly glad I came here.



Here are some of the diners. There was also a whole sophisticated beer and wine program created by Karl, a sommelier, but of course that went right over my head!

More about food tomorrow, when I post about Eating Mexican Food in Berlin….Tales of Taste_2_2015_02_Suzanne_ForbesTales of Taste 2 2015_01_Suzanne_ForbesTales of Taste 2 2015_TandM_Suzanne_Forbes