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Trans Week of Action 2021: Time to literally protect trans kids, with actual action.

Today is March 31 2021, Trans Day of Visibility.

But visibility is not enough, as the headline of the article says.

Chase Strangio and Raquel Willis have launched Trans Week of Visibility and Action.

There is a deadly wave of anti-trans legislation happening in the US.

If they’re implemented and become law, the bills in Arkansas and Alabama will tear life-saving health care away from trans youth.

You can follow Raquel Willis (twitter, insta) and Chase Strangio (twitter, insta) on social to see actions for Trans Week of Action.

Call and email politicians.

You can donate to trans orgs in states where trans kids are under attack, like South Dakota’s TPAN, InTRANSitive AR and TKO Alabama. The ACLU is active in fighting these bills and laws, as is Lambda Legal.

Visibility is not enough, and kids’ lives are at stake.