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Free art to color: so many fauns, squids and snake-headed women!

Whip Girl Snake Ponytail 4x6 11 14 06 by Suzanne ForbesI stumbled across a bunch of little sexy weird drawings that have never been posted!

Naughty Faun Bald in Britches 4x6 11 14 06 by Suzanne ForbesNone of these were made with a model or photo reference.

They were just generated from the 3D model of the human form I have in my head thanks to a decade of art school!

Whip Girl Smoking Semibald 4x6 11 14 06 by Suzanne ForbesI think I made these to sell for holiday markets, but they were not popular, sadly!

Whip Girl with Snake Head 5x7 11 14 06 by Suzanne Forbes
I think they are delightful, myself!

Squid Girl Revised 9x12 2006 by Suzanne Forbes

I mean who doesn’t love a squid corset??

squidgirl by Suzanne Forbes fall 2006

or a SQUID BUTT?? Right??

These are posted here full-size, you can save them right from the page and print them to color in, print on a tote bag, make into wallpaper for your bathroom, whatever you like!