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Personalization is the wave of the future. You wouldn’t believe what you can get your kitty’s face printed on.

Our post about custom clothing company Construct led the T324 office to a discussion of personalized printing and on-demand custom product companies.

Store manager Brian remembered “back when I was a junior in high school” ordering “tons of stuff” from CafePress; your bloggess recalled Zazzle entering the field, with more refined products than CafePress, and their arms race for the sought-after black custom-printed t-shirt.

So we trotted over to Zazzle to see what else you can get custom-printed now, and it’s not just t-shirts and mugs!T324-Zazzle-laptop-sleeve-test

How about laptop bags and sleeves? I knew you could get a laptop skin, but the possibilities of sleeves are delightful!

The bags are spendy at $169.95, but made by SF hipster institution Rickshaw Bagworks and local, sustainable, blah, blah, blah. Continue reading