Crown party

Over the last two years I bought the materials to make a Snow Queen crown, corset, sleigh, reindeer, skirt and figurine. Now that all those are done, I find I *cough* kind of overshot the mark on supplies. crown partyThis happens when you are a craft hoarder.

What to do with those all those opalescent Swarovski crystals, Sri Lankan SnowQueencrownsmoonstones and soft white rabbit fur?

I have made five extra crowns, for your Frozen cosplay or burlesque act or Elsa-obsessed baby niece.

Because weakness makes me uncomfortable and entropy makes me angry, they are made with my patent over-engineered construction and are sturdy as fuck.

I don’t know how the Day of The Dead crown snuck in, but it is for sale too.

UPDATE: Sorry they are all sold!


SnowQueenCrownsForSaleDOTD Crown

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Suzanne Forbes is a traditionally trained figurative artist who makes documentary art of queer culture and Berlin life. She also works in mixed media. She is a former New Yorker who immigrated to Berlin with her third husband and their two cats. Her work is crowdfunded by the support of her Patrons on Patreon; you could help! In previous lives Suzanne was a graffiti artist in downtown NY, a courtroom artist for CBS and CNN, a penciller for DC Comics on Star Trek, and a live-drawing chronicler of Bay Area alternative culture.

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