Sawyer has a chip in his head, and J.J. Abrams has all the things.

When I came in to work today, our production department (aka “the guys”) was discussing the news that J.J. Abrams may do Portal and Half-Life movies.Josh Holloway and Marg Helgenberger in new CBS show Intelligence

This is so ridiculous that we really don’t have words for it. Especially in light of the lukewarm reviews of JJTrek2, and their possibly ominous implications for Abrams’ Star Wars movies.

Should we really put all our scifi franchise eggs in the basket of a billionaire named JJ?

Somewhere in the myriad action set pieces, plot points (and holes), and fan-servicing references in J.J. Abrams� new Star Trek Into Darkness lies a question that sticks with you long after the credits roll: What does this mean for Star Wars? The latest outing for the Star Trek franchise will be the last directorial effort from Abrams until his Episode VII, and now that some fairly lackluster reviews have started to come in it�s hard not to wonder/worry if what happened with Trek could happen in a different galaxy far, far away.

We were all discouraged, and yet we’re all planning to go see Star Trek: Into Darkness this weekend.

To cheer up, we had an office discussion of how excellent the Dredd remake was, and how great Karl Urban is. Is his frown CG? Is it possible to frown continuously for an entire movie shoot?

Meanwhile, Lost‘s Sawyer (aka actor/hotness machine Josh Holloway) is in a chip-in-head show starting next Fall.

It’s called Intelligence, and it looks fairly dumb, but I’ll watch it, because Sawyer. Also CSI’s marvelous, viscerally powerful Marg Helgenberger and the sassy Meghan Ory are in it. As well as long-time Genre Player with Honors John Billingsley.

The chip-in-head HUD visuals look more Lawnmower Man than Continuum, so fingers crossed.

Is a chip-in-head show too Uncanny Valley right now, with Google Glass closing in HUD space so quickly? My boyfriend doesn’t follow Glass news as closely as I do. He was horrified to learn that with Google I/O this week there actually people walking around SoMA with Glass on. Aka Glassholes. Including prototypes for eyeglass wearers, so Glass for me is not too far away!

The resemblance of Holloway’s chip-HUD to real-life Glass AR may make the show look dated before it launches.

But we hope not, because we loved Sawyer so, so much, and we’d like to see Holloway as the star of his own show. Come to think of it, we’d have liked to see 121 episodes of Lost starring Holloway…

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