Philly skyscraper lights up the night with a giant game of Pong!

Philadelphia's Giant Pong GameNear Philadelphia and want to play one of the world’s largest video games, on the side of a skyscraper? Join the lottery here! During the pretty fantastic-sounding Philly Tech Week, spectators will watch the game from the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (aka “The Rocky Steps“).

If you’ve never been to the Philly Museum of Art, the collection is amazing. Your bloggess highly recommends a visit!

They have truly extraordinary works, from Van Gogh’s soft and melancholy Rain to incredible holdings of Joseph Cornell boxes and Duchamp works.

Gazing into the haunting, dreamlike Cornells creates an altered state of wonder and mystery. Peering in at Duchamp’s “Given” is a dark twist in the dream-state, a vision of vulnerability and voyeuristic complicity. I suggest following it with a visit to my second-favorite Degas, the “Interior” subtitled “The Rape”, for a profound show-don’t-tell experience in gender politics.

There’s also a fine Sargent from his Venice period and of course some crackerjack works by local boy Eakins, so stop in if you’re watching giant Pong!

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