Geeky, math-y, science-y holiday cookies!

Lots of clever folks have come up with geeky designs for holiday cookies; there’s a bunch of wonderful “science cookie roundups” on Not So Humble Pie, created and curated by a biological anthropologist baker mom. I love the way the circuit board cookies use dragées (the little silver and gold balls that are actually banned in California) as solder dots. And you can get marvelous Science Cookie Cutters here.

But my favorite geeky cookie recipe is this one by Professor George Hart that’s been around almost as long as the web- Trilobite cookies! Groove on the nostalgia of the ’90s web page design and enjoy the charming description of the baking process (“mix ’til yucky”!), then try these remarkably delicious cookies yourself. They’re based on the classic Spritz cookie recipe, and this recipe explains the physical process of squeezing the cookies in more detail.

Also check out this awesome geeky cookie slideshow on Huffpost- love the pixel cookies!

This post originally appeared on the T324 blog.

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