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What the hell is that creepy thing you made?!?

Skelefairy by Suzanne Forbes 2014

Suzanne Forbes doll 2014All my life I’ve made things besides drawings and paintings.

photo 1 (3) - EditedSculptures, embroidery, costume jewelry, accessories, bricolage and mixed media art. For fun.Embroidery by Suzanne Forbes


I’d never sold of any of it til this year, when people kind of insisted on buying my embroidered bugs.
embroidered moths, Embroidery by Suzanne Forbes

So I decided, what the hell, when I make something for myself, I’ll make a few extra. Suzanne Forbes disco trilobites

Of course, this means my pretty much deranged obsession with insects as a visual motif is no longer on the dl.

And you will all know I wanted Disco Trilobites and Cthulhu wine charms enough to make them.


But maybe you want some too?Suzanne Forbes dollscrowns by Suzanne Forbes 2014