GodXXX Noirphiles Trans Magic Barbie for Dollicious Life Mochallenge!

I just barely got this custom GodXXX Noirphiles Barbie doll finished for the Mochallenge deadline! I knew Tinu of Dollicious Life (my Dollicious post here) was doing another Barbie doll customisation/makeover Mochallenge in November. I wanted to join in again! I thought of a Barbie inspired by the drag makeup looks of incredible Berlin creator […]

The Wasp Doll’s Creepy Bird-Horse steed!

The Wasp Doll has a horse-bird-steed thing, too! When I was finally finishing my Snow Queen and her reindeer, I found the cut-off front legs of the vintage deer I’d used as a base for the reindeer. I also had this blue and tan straw bird around which the cats had been chewing on. The […]