Accessory making project: Hats and jewels!

I love making my own accessories for events. It’s a simple and satisfying way to make something unique to coordinate with your outfit. For a Weimar Berlin theme, I made myself two hats, a necklace, and earrings. I learned a couple simple jewelry construction principles at my friend Donna’s when I was fourteen, and I […]

Bricolage project: silver leafed assemblage mirror with lots of insects!

I had been wanting to use some of my metal insect stampings to make a mirror like this for ages. Then Colleen Doran sent me this beautiful crystal along with a Patron gift and I decided to build the mirror around it. As always, I start with washing the assemblage materials! A good hot soap and […]

More Carnivorous Plant Art!

Still rolling on the creative high of this theme! This large flowering alien carnivorous alien plant is made of marbled shades of green Sculpey, mixed with 40% translucent Sculpey to let some light through, and the teeth are made of translucent Sculpey mixed with white Sculpey Bake-and-Bend. I ran the floral wire stems of the […]

Snow Queen/White Witch OOAK Doll with sledge and reindeer, finished!

I finally finished her! I am amazing, and amazed by myself! Jadis, The White Witch, The Snow Queen, the Ice Queen, as I always imagined her. She, her reindeer and her sledge, all done! Isn’t she lovely and evil? I’d been wanting to make a doll like the White Witch since the early 90s in […]

Mummified Fairy King doll!

This doll scares my husband. Every time he sees it he shudders. It genuinely gives him the wig. Which is good, right? This is one of the projects I brought in a “project kit” from the Bay Area, in the shipping container. I had seen this Mummified Fairy tutorial on the excellent, ancient Gothic Martha Stewart […]

No-Kill Butterfly Gallery finished at last!

I’m not a vegan. I’m not even a vegetarian, except for a few years as a teenager. But I’m honored to be part of a human race that has vegans in it. I’m proud to have friends who brave everything from significant daily inconvenience and expense to contemptuous discrimination in order to celebrate the sanctity […]

Finished mixed media pastel portrait of Shakrah!

I committed to the pastel learning journey! When we had our first sitting for a planned pastel portrait, I knew I needed colors to depict Shakrah Yves. A 1920s jazz singer and former professional costumier, she has an absolute treasury of gorgeous outfits she has created, with matching accessories. There was no way I could […]